Your privacy concerns are important to This Policy is designed to provide you with the information you need to control your personal information.

  1. You may use the website without giving us information which identifies you, such as your name, address, telephone number, credit card and similar information. We refer to these types of information as "Personally Identifying Information".
  2. We collect Personally Identifying Information only if you voluntarily provide it on the website. If you do not wish to provide some or all of the information requested on a screen, or if you have concerns about maintaining the confidentiality of any information, do not provide it. We do not sell or rent our e-mail lists!
  3. We may request general information, such as your State and zip code, in order to identify the sponsor for your area, and for statistical purposes. For convenience, this information may be stored on your hard drive in a "cookie file." If you wish to block or delete such files, most browsers provide a method for doing so. However, you may be precluded from listing yourself as a speaker. This type of general information, as well as information concerning the websites from which users visit our site, and other similar information, may be provided to third parties in aggregate form.
  4. We reserve the right to use, without Personally Identifying Information, any questions, comments or other information submitted by users in books, articles, commentaries, research or similar ways.
  5. If you visit a website that is linked to the Find-Speaker website, you should consult that website's privacy policy before providing Personally Identifying Information.
  6. We will use Personally Identifying Information provided by you for the purpose for which it is given to us. For example, to respond to a request for further information, or to have a Sponsor contact you at your request. Personally Identifying Information provided by you also may be used by us, or by entities with which we contract or that provide services to us relating to the Find-Speaker website, in connection with providing you that service or relating to the transmission of newsletters and advertisements in which you may be interested, and for such other purposes that are disclosed at the time the information is given. It also may be used by us, or by entities with which we contract, for transmission of newsletters and advertisements in which you may be interested, and for such other purposes that are disclosed at the time the information is given. If you receive information that you do not wish to receive, please contact us or follow the instructions for removing your name from the circulation list for that item.
  7. may utilize banner ads and other advertisements that are purchased by various companies. We might supply these companies with information on  Find-Speaker's traffic and other general demographic information on our readers, but we provide this information in aggregate, and DO NOT give them any of our subscriber or registration information unless you specifically opt in for these services. Again, any information you enter in a registration form or other information is protected by this privacy policy.
  8. In certain situations, Find-Speaker may be asked to release your personal information to judges, police, law enforcement personnel, officers of a court or other entity. By subscribing to our services, you agree that in such a situation, is in no way liable for any result of the release of this information at our discretion, and that has the right to disclose the information upon request, if it feels that it is necessary or in Find-Speaker's best interests to do so.
  9.'s policy is that the website may be used only by individuals over the age of 18, and we urge parents to supervise their children's use of the website. We do not collect any information from children. However, if a parent learns that a child has submitted Personally Identifying Information to our website, the parent should contact us and that information will be deleted.
  10. In making your decision whether to provide Personally Identifying Information, you should be aware of the general risks of transmitting information over the Internet. Our website generally does not use encryption. While attempts to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing our files or tampering with our website, we cannot guarantee that these efforts will always be successful.
  11. In addition, by using this site and/or registering on this site, you agree that, should there be any dispute regarding the above release of personal information, this agreement shall be governed pursuant to the laws of the State of Texas, and EXCLUSIVE venue AND JURISDICTION for such a dispute or any other dispute shall be in COURTS LOCATED IN Dallas County, TEXAS. If such a dispute is filed, and is forced to defend its right to release personal information, you agree that, upon successfully defending this right,  shall be entitled to obtain its costs of defense, including attorneys' fees.
  12. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with the User Agreement.

If you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact the web administrator at

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