Who Is Find-Speaker.Com?

In the latter half of 2003, after noting the significant interest in, and ongoing success of, www.FindCE.com, it was decided that a sister site specifically dedicated to speakers and presenters would better serve both those in the speaking profession, as well as meeting planners in their search for the ideal speaker(s) for their events.

Following the successful model of FindCE.com, we have cut out the middle man. If speakers prefer to pay a healthy percentage of their well-earned income to bureaus, their needs are better met elsewhere. If planners wish to communicate with a speaker only through the biased eyes of a bureau with limited inventory, they would find respite through the services of a bureau.

However, if speakers are looking for a broader audience for their presentations (over 30,000 event planners and organizations), and if they would prefer to keep that commission for themselves, they will be happy here. If planners want to have a larger variety of speakers to choose from, and hear what audience members have to say about the speakers, they will want to bookmark this site.

Through our relationship with FindCE.com, our contacts are substantial. October 15, 2003 is our birthday. Irving, Texas is our birthplace. Being the best site for speakers is our birthright.

Dr. Kent Smith is responsible for the birth and ongoing presence of Find-Speaker.com, and any questions you have may be addressed directly to him at Kent@Find-Speaker.com.

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