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I need some help with registering!

This is understandable. Let's see if we can help you through it by giving you a few step-by-step instructions. However, first things first. Have you done a general registration yet? If not, this is required before registering as a speaker. On the home page, click on "Register" at the top of the page, then follow the instructions.

Now, let's assume you have already registered on the site, and want to register as a speaker.

On the home page, there is a column on the left, with a heading called "Register" (Make sure you are signed in with your username and password before you proceed). Choose "Presenter/Speaker", and click to begin the registration process. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us by sending an e-mail to          

        Do we have to answer ALL those questions ?

Not at all. You would only need to fill out the answers that you feel prospective planners would want to know or would benefit from knowing about you. We have provided many different questions in an effort to accommodate as many different types of speakers as possible, and you should not feel burdened by feeling you need to answer them all.

How much does it cost?

Registration as a member and as a speaker on Find-Speaker is absolutely free, and includes a web page with your photo, unlimited biographical data with comments from participants, etc.., direct links to your own web site(s), if applicable, and a free enhanced listing with as well. [ Sample of Listing ]

*Become a "Featured Speaker": We have designed an awards program that is based on your non-monetary contributions to We want to reward those who send their friends and acquaintances our way, so the point system works this way.

  • One referred speaker = 20 points
  • Each time you are graded by a member of a prior audience = 1 point
  • The speakers are listed on our "Featured Speakers" page ranked by total score accumulated.


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