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Dream Realization Specialist and Motivational Speaker

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Mailing Address: 1737 Westover rd, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7J1X7
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  • Presentation at Unjong Park Special Economic Zone in North Korea. Aimed at researchers and managers inside North Korea who are attempting to draw investors to the park.
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"For every person you set on fire....I will buy you one beer!" Not the most comforting of responses from the police supervisor. An hour before, I was on the floor of my business in Kenya, as he pointed the gun to the back of my head, the intruder whispered quietly that he was going to kill me.
For a 23 y/o suburban Canadian, I was surprisingly used to the experience. I had embarked on the journey of a lifetime - to open a business on the beautiful shores of Diani Beach. Unfortunately, following the assassination of a radical cleric, the region become increasingly unstable.
I was left with a choice, either quit and move home, or dig in and ride it out. I chose the latter. Despite being in the first year of operations at the time of the violence, through sheer determination and creativity, not only did I keep everybody safe, but I kept the business profitable.
I am living proof that working hard (and smart) can overcome even the seemingly insurmountable. In my humble opinion, it is often impossible to “exhaust all avenues”, a combination of determination and intellect will always find another route.

I tailor each of my presentations to suit the specific needs of clients. Please contact me today!

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