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Mailing Address: 17766 Preston Rd, Dallas, Texas, United States of America 75252
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Jennifer Bagley is a CEO, professional speaker and an experienced business strategist in the fields of operations, supply-chain, technology, logistics, distribution, sales, marketing and social media. This, coupled with a amazing network of mentors, gives her the unique ability to provide systemic instructions in an easy to understand format. Her personality is fun and engaging, which keeps the audience interested and ready to launch immediately after the presentation.

Many speakers become disengaged with their audience after a presentation, however, Jennifer has a host of resources, tips, tools and services that can propel the attendees’ knowledge into action for many years to come.

Jennifer Bagley is the Founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar Web Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing Agency, which she self-funded over 6 years ago and has grown from the ground up – CI Web Group, a division of Compliments International, LLC.

Jennifer provides individuals and businesses with a more effective and practical approach to growing personally and professionally through effective management of time, money, resources, relationships and technology. Through her 15 years of executive experience in business strategy, consulting and supply chain management, for multiple Fortune 500 brands and over 5000 small businesses, she was able to create the Fusion Marketing System – a systematic approach to fusing Street Marketing and Cloud Marketing to Convert Your Time to Cash.

Together, the value that Jennifer brings to an organization and audience far exceeds that of simply her own personal experiences.

Jennifer Bagley & Kathy Marshall | Tony Jeary's Holiday Party | Tower Club

She has the luxury and blessing of being surrounded by some of the best influences and influencers in the world, which adds additional value to your audience. Jennifer appreciates being a part of the Tony Jeary team, providing his organization and clients with digital marketing coaching and services, while he is an extension of her professional speaking and digital marketing organization.

His interactions with our organization provide a Mastery of Operations: “doing the right things and doing things right so revenue grows faster, cultures are working at peak performance, and goals are being met”. Additionally, our collaboration concentrates on total company value, growing shareholder equity, and building net worth. See Tony’s Results Team:

The Fusion Marketing System was designed to provide a solution to the most common reasons why companies struggle to achieve their personal and professional on and off line presence. The Fusion of Referral and Relationship Marketing with today’s Digital Search and Social Media Marketing is necessary for individuals and businesses to compete and win!

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