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Food Scientist, International Lecturer, Writer and Photographer

Contact:Mr. Don E. Petty
Mailing Address: 13220 Castleton Drive, Farmers Branch, Texas, United States of America 75234
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I heard Mr. Don Petty deliver a talk he titled, "A Hill Worth Dying On". It was aimed to inspire committment to goals of highest priority.Following Mr. Petty's presentation I spoke to the audience of about 450 to publicly thank him, and my comment was, "That was excellent". The illustrations he used from real life situations included the courage of high school students standing their ground in the face of immorality, and of military bravery and honor going up against great odds. I remember a story of a girl who was willing to give up a trip to Cairo, Egypt, to perform on stage if the play director would not remove a particular vulgar passage in Plaza Suite to a phrase more suitable for a high school audience. She made her point to make the trip. He asked his audience if they had a hill in their lives worth dying on. We all had to take a peek inside ourselves.I can happily recommend Mr. Petty as a public speaker. -David Lusk, Minister, Mesa, AZ
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Fields of Interest:

Small Business

Most Requested Topics/Programs:

  • snack food manufacturing
  • living in the mideast

Recent Engagements:

  • Multiple manufacturing companies in U.S. and overseas
Speaker 's Fees:$2501 to $5000
Length of presentation:30 minutes to 2 hours
Travels From:Dallas
Travel Limits:none
Target Audience:Any
Target Audience - Other:People, groups, and organizations interested in Research, Science, Snackfood, Corn and Potato Snacks, Womens groups (Middle East Living, primarily), Travelers, Islamic Interests, Social Clubs and Organizations. In general, any general group wanting to hear new things about many aspects of life in our world presented in a different way, form a different point of view, are all targets for the mix of seriousness and lightness, fun and sadness, hope and despair from around the world.
AV Requirements:none
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Airfare: yesHotel: yes
Food: noMileage: no


Don E. Petty, Principal Research Scientist, Consultant to the worldwide snack food industry, internationally known speaker, fiction author, speaks for optimistic and hopeful audiences who want to get things done in their organizations. Mr. Petty delivers speeches and seminars on all continents to all and any type of general audiences, as well as production, management, quality, and sales personnel generally, and specifically in the snack food industry. His humorist style of delivery retains listeners interest in after dinner talks as well as in-depth thought on issues and problems of worldwide consequences.

Don Petty, having lived in Pakistan and Iran for nearly five years, has special insight into the mind of the moslem and the Quran (Koran) of Islam. His harrowing adventures in the Middle east provide exciting information of interest to Americans.

His writing includes a fiction novel, a book on the relationship between man and woman, articles on religion, political essays, and sermons he has given as a "returned missionary". (He with his wife Sylvia founded a missionary training center to train kids for missions. He is at work currently doing research for more books in all the areas above. His lectures on the compiling of information and doing reseach for these books are both entertaining and informative.

Don's photography around the world is based on a unique 'natural' technique of panoramic outdoor subjects, and his speeches are about his photo work, simple and basic equipment, and the 'as is' compostition, which identifies and defines his work.

Mr. Petty speaks anywhere in the world for a single fee (plus airline tickets and hotel for overseas work). He lives and offices in Dallas, Texas, but is at home wherever he is and in whatever culture he finds himself. He is president of a worldwide consulting firm, LINE of SNACKS Consultants International, which he founded in 1991. His work as a snack food consultant has taken him to 21 countries to help companies "make better tortilla chips or potato chips".

He rose to the level of Principal Research Scientist at Frito-Lay, Inc. in their research department, which is famed for the hundreds of snack products they market around the world. He is past president of FLARE, an organization composed of ex-Frito-Lay, Inc. employees.

He is a family man, husband of Sylvia, father of four, grandfather of ten, former missionary, and past elder in his church. His miniature lion collection of 672 little lions from all over the world may be the largest of its kind anywhere; and he has registered it with Guiness. He is listed in a Tehran American School website as a "famous TASer".

Mr. Don Petty's speeches draw on all these experiences, career successes, and long years of study and venturing outside the well as INSIDE the box. More information is available on the speeches and topics of Mr. Petty at the following link, where you may also read letters of reference regarding his speaking. Speakers Stand

Having made 47 talks in the last two years, getting two books printed and on the web, selling several of his framed photographs of the Southwest, while running full time his consultancy, he has been busy.

He is willing and ready to fly anywhere to accomodate your need for a speaker - after dinner, any time of the day, about any topic to which he can relate. His website Snack Food Consultants, Music, Photography, Novels, Speeches - Don Petty Enterprises - Dallas, Texas may be accessed to see his typical speech topics, his snack consultancy, his books, and a Photography page "In progress".

His recently published book, HOW TO CATCH - AND KEEP - A MAN : (How to Love an American Man) answers 36 basic questions he believes a woman might need answered.

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